Judges want you to do well…

Are you sick of my mentioning the Susan Boyle video?  I did have one final thing to say about it.  I use it because with the popularity of the American Idol and Got Talent… shows, people not in the business of singing, get to see what happens (and what really doesn’t happen) in an audition.   I could get into a huge diatribe about the accuracy of it all, but I only wanted to focus on what aspect:  The people on the panel listening to you.  I recently took a course in audition technique where I heard something encouraging from a person whose job is to audition singers.  She said that the people listening to you reallywant you to do well.  They want you to do as well as you want to do well.  I guess I sort of knew this in the back of mind but never really thought too much about it until I heard it from this person.  It makes perfect sense, of course.  They not only may be emphathizing with you (singing is not easy!), but they also want to find good singers, and the right singers for their production.  They want you to be “the one” – as much as you want to be “the one” for them – they are rooting for you – it’s a win/win.  I knew she was right because looking back over my many, many auditions, I can’t remember an unpleasant experience in that regard.  The only thing close to that was at the Metropolitan Opera Auditions where I was a finalist – one of the judges told me that I shouldn’t wear black.  Too many people wear black in auditions, he said.  Looking back, he actually had a point.  On the contrary, most wore nice and supportive.  I’ve been to open auditions where the singer was really struggling, and they were equally supportive of that person too.

I mention this because this can be a huge source of anxiety for singers who may be going in thinking it’s me against them when it’s typically the contrary. 

I also mention this because of the Susan Boyle video and American Idol videos you have seen.  Simon’s attitude IS NOT TYPICAL and is MADE FOR TELEVISION.  However, the lady on the panel in the Susan Boyle video (Her name escapes me) IS typical.  Did you see her face when Susan walked out?  Open and supportive.  Because you never know.  She even admitted that she was cynical but you wouldn’t have guessed it on her face.  Although cynical, she was supportive.  They are on your side.

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