It’s all relative

So, yeah, I have been dealing with a broken finger with the splinting and the buddy taping and then general aching and whining that I have been engaging in.  And then one of my favorite athletics (Lance Armstrong) broke his collarbone in a race this past week.   He went through surgery for a break that he thought was a clean one, but turned out not to be so.  He was twittering the entire time he was going through the process but was still sitting down to wine and dinner with friends and still enjoying life.  He may not come back to the Tour in time.  Sometimes things stink, but things are what they are and doesn’t make you or brake you.  Of course, it wasn’t lost on me that things are relative for him as well, obviously.  A collarbone break for him is cake comparedto what he went through already.  If only I can think that things are cake when they happen and not because I have something worse to compare it to.  The lesson here is that a set back is not the end of your world.  Roll with it and you will be much happier.  Me?  I adapt by typing my blog with my entire left hand and two digits of my right.

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